BUSSELL, Christopher
BUSSELL, Christopher

B's 82-123

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Lost Souls: Bresnahan, Bridges, Broad, Brooks, Brosnan, Brouder, Brown, Brunard, Buckley, Bungin, Burges, Burns, Burrows, Bussell, Buswell, Butler, Byfield, Byrne, Byrth - Caple, Cheesewell, Crowson, Gregory, Livingstone, McGuiness, Molley, Patience, Prendegast, Swinton, Wittenoom

Rest Place: Ashburton Downs Station, Balbinya Station,  Beejenup Gnowangerup, Bonny Downs Station, Bootenal, Bowes Estate Northampton, Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Cygnet Bay, Ellensbrook Margaret River, Erlistoun Cemetery, Flora Valley Station, Gullewa Cemetery, Karridale Pioneer Cemetery, Karridale Timber Mill, Mahogany Inn, Mt Brown Beaufort River, Mt Ida Cemetery, Mt Jackson Station Yilgarn, Mt Newman Cemetery, Mt Ommanney Northam, Murchison House Station, Old Halls Creek Cemetery, Nanine Cemetery, Tardun, Upper Capel, Woodman Point, Wurarga Dam

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BRESNAHAN, PatrickBRESNAHAN, PatrickBRIDGES JamesBRIDGES, JamesBROAD, Edward Wilson & FAWCETT Robert NormanBROAD, Edward Wilson & FAWCETT, Robert NormanBROOKS, John PaulBROOKS, John PaulBROSNAN, Daniel PatrickBROUDER, DanielBROUDER, DanielBROWN, Dean MurdochBROWN, Dean MurdochBROWN, Henry HarrisonBROWN, James PollardBROWN, JohnBROWN, Robert & SWINTON, James & MaryBROWN, R CBRUNARD, Charles ChristopherBUCKLEY, AnnBUCKLEY, JeremiahBUNGIN, (Aboriginal)BURGES, Augusta Henrietta Maria BurdettBURGES, T & ABURGES, Thomas and MatildaBURGES, Thomas and MatildaBURGES, ThomasBURGES, ThomasBURGES, ThomasBURGESS, LouisBURNS, Hastings John WilliamBURROWS, Iva Jane & BURROWS, J HBUSSELL, ChristopherBUSSELL, ChristopherBUSWELL, HenryBUTLER Langley JamesBUTLER Langley JamesBYFIELD, Fanny Jane & GREGORY, Mary ElizaBYRNE, Hazel MaryBYRNE, NorahBYRTH, Michael EdwardBYRTH, Michael Edward