Station Cemeteries 41-79

Glenroy Station
Glenroy Station

Throughout the development of Western Australia, outback cattle stations have provided a burial site for the pioneer owners and workers on the stations.

Some of these station cemeteries have seen better times.

Lost Souls: Ameer, Anderson, Brandstater, Burns, Campbell, Cogvin,  Connell, Cox, Crowson, Darcy, Deacon, Dinsdale, Dunn, Durack, Edkins, Ericson, Fitzpatrick, Gordon, Halstead, Harris, Hicks, Hogg, Johnson, King, Marshall, Mathews, Meade, Monger, Morgan, McDonald, O'Driscoll, Orn, Saul, Schwan, Sharp, Shaw, Sheen, Simpson,  Skipworth, Smith, Spinney, Stanmore, Suttie, Thomas, Timms, True, Warren

Rest Places: Edjudina Station, El Questro Station, Ella Valla Station, Erong Station, Ethel Creek Station, Flora Valley Station, Fraser Range Station, Glen Florrie Station, Glenorn Station,  Glenroy Station, Goongarrie Station, Gordon Downs Station, Hardy Junction Station, Hill Grove Station, Indee Station, Ivanhoe Station, Karbar Station, Klincaven Station, Kookenwa Creek Muccan Station, Kooline Station, Koordarrie Station, Lake Wells Station, Lissadell Station, Liveringa Station, Lynburn Station, Louisa Downs Station, Mangaroon Station, Mardarthuna Station, Mardi Station, Margaret River Station, Meedo Station, Meentheena Station, Meka Station, Mellenbye Station, Mililya Station, Millstream Station

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Edjudina Station cemeteryEl Questro StationElla Valla StationErong Station Ethel Creek StationFlora Valley StationFraser Range StationFraser Range StationGlen Florrie Station AshburtonGlenorn Station Red Knob outstationGlenroy StationGLENROY STATIONGoongarrie Gordon Downs StationHardy Junction Station AshburtonHill Grove Station now El QuestroIndee Stn Pt HedlandIvanhoe Stn Karbar Station TuckanarraHOGG PeterKookenwa Creek Muccan StationKooline Station AshburtonKoordarrie Station AshburtonLake Wells StationLissadell Station KimberleyLiveringa StationLynburn Station EsperanceLouisa Downs Station Halls CreekMangaroon StationMardathuna Stn CarnarvonMardi stationMargaret River StationMeedo StationMeentheena StationMeetheena Station East PilbaraMeka Stn YalgooMellenbye Station Grave CreekMililya Station Millstream Station