MADDEN, William
MADDEN, William

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Lost Souls:  Macale, Mack, Madden, Maguire, Mahomed, Mahomet, Mahoney, Markey, Marsh, Marshall, Martin - Bell, Box, Cain, Hedley, Ireland, McKeever, Osune, Petersen, Powles, Spring

Rest Places:  Afghan Rocks Ballodonia Station, Baiting Place 83 mile peg north of Williams, Bow River Station, Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Condon Cemetery, Davyhurst Cemetery, Deadman's Soak near Goongarrie, Dunham River Station, El Questro Station, Grass Patch Cemetery, Onslow Pioneer Cemetery, Ord River Station Cemetery Kimberley, Tampa Menzies District, Toodyay Homestead, Top Camp Ashburton, Turee Creek Station, Wickepin Pioneer Cemetery, Wiluna-Lakeway Pioneer Cemetery, Yerilla Cemetery Menzies

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MACALE Richard James Eyre MACK Philip MACK Philip MACK PhilipMACKENZIE, William SMADDEN WilliamMADDEN William MADGE & Child MAEDA, TaramatsieMAGUIRE Dr Richard JamesMAGUIRE Joseph James MAHER, MaryMAHOMED Said MAHOMED SaidMahomet, JohnMAHOMET John MAHONEY William MAHONEY William MAHONEY William MALACCA, Ahmat Mallachi )MALONE, HarryMANDEVILLE, PatrickMANJORIA, AbikMANLEY, JaneMANNION, MargaretMANSAN, Charles S RMarkey Family graves Markey Family gravesMARSH George MARSH John MARSH John MARSHALL Michael Garry MARSHALL Thomas John MARSHALL Thomas JohnMARTIN GeorgeMARTIN, Richard EvanMARTIN William Henry Page MARTIN William Henry Page MARTIN William Henry Page