G's 41-58

GRAY, Jean Elizabeth
GRAY, Jean Elizabeth

Images are arranged alphabetically by surname and then given names.

Lost souls:  Grainger, Grant, Gray, Gregory, Gresson, Griffin, Grose, Grosiacques, Guessnor, Gulo Suboda, Gunther, Guy - Byfield

Rest Places:  Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Cranbrook, Davyhurst Cemetery, Dromedary Hills, Frankland River, Glendalough, Macdonald Ranges Kimberley, Mahogany Inn, Onslow Piioneer Cemetery, Quaranup, Williams

18 images - last of the G's . . .

GRAINGER MaryGRAINGER MaryGRANT, Allen StewartGRANT JosephGRANT, Nellie VictoriaGRAY Jean ElizabethGRAY Jean ElizabethGRAY, RichardGRAY, RoseGRESSON, Robert HenryGREGORY Mary Eliza & BYFIELD Fanny JaneGRIFFIN, MaryGROSE, William AmbroseGROSIACQUES, Marie Frederique EliseGUESSNOR GeorgeGULO SUBODA GUNTHER EdwardGUY, George