Cameron, Donald

The C's 1-40

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Lost Souls: Caddy, Cain, Calder, Calleghan, Cameron, Campbell, Capel, Carlsen, Carlson, Carmody, Carnaby, Carr, Carroll, Carruthers, Cassidy, Castle, Chamberlain  – Bell, Box, Clark, Hedley, Ireland, Kenney, McKeever, Molloy, Osune, Petersen, Powles, Spring

Resting Places: Black Range Nungarra Cemetery, Bootenal Cemetery, Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Cape Bougainville, Condon Cemetery, Condeena Broomehill, Davyhurst Cemetery, Ella Valla Station, Hamelin Pool Shark Bay, Karridale Pioneer Cemetery, Mount Vernon Station, Nannine, Needilup, Speakmans Find, Tampa, Wogoola Station (Nyang)

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CADDY Roy CAIN, J WCAIN, SamuelCALDER Alistar DouglasCALDER Alistar DouglasCALDER IsabellaCALDER William Leslie CALLEGHAN, Isabella ACAMERON Donald CAMERON DonaldCAMERON DonaldCAMPBELL ArchibaldCAPEL, EdwardCARLSEN, ICARLSON, B M & L ECARLSON, E HCARMODY Onslo c 8 CARMODY Onslo died March 1898 buried Hamelin Pool. Photo Robert J Goodale Safety Bay 2 150x150CARMODY OnslowCARMODY Thomas Francis CARNABY Keith NevilleCARNABY Frederick Henry & Colin FredCARNABY Ivan ClarenceCARNABY Irene Emily MayCARNABY Eric WilfredCARNABY Cecil SydneyCARNABY family gravesCARNABY family monumentsCARNABY family monuments on graves CARNABY family graves Mt Vernon StationCARR, R P & W BCARROLL Eileen CARRUTHERS, MrsCASSIDY, Henry GeorgeCASTLE, A JCHAMBERLAIN Anne and John Koeyers c 12b CHAMBERLAIN CapeBougainvilleGrave 150CHAMBERLAIN George C CHAMBERLAIN George ClevelandCHAMBERLAIN George Cleveland