C's 175-and above

Donald Charles Keir Collins
Donald Charles Keir Collins

These images are images that have come in after the original C's. As more come in they will be added here.

These images are arranged alphabetically by surname and then given names.

Lost Souls: Callaghan, Carroll, Chaffey, Clark, Clarke, Climie, Collins, Cooper, Cumerford, Cunningham, Curtis

Rest Places:  Paddington Gudarra Cemetery, Malcolm Old Cemetery, Pintharuka Cemetery, Plantagenet, Salmon Gums Cemetery, Springhill Cemetery

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John J CallaghanAlice CarrollChaffey Patricia AnnAgnes Hazel ClarkCLARKE Elizabeth KateCLARKE Thomas Arthur HenryCLIMIE Blanche LouiseCollins, Donald Charles KeirColins, Donald Charles KeirCooper Mary AnnCooper Mary AnnCooper, William CareyCooper, William CareyCumerford, ThomasCunningham, Margaret AnnCURTIS Dulcie MildredCURTIS KevinCURTIS Kevin