COOPER John Astley
COOPER, John Astley

C's 122-160

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Lost Souls: Cooper, Coppin, Cornelly, Cornish, Cossar, Cotter, Cottle, Cowie, Covey, Cox, Coxon, Coyne, Craig, Crawford, Cream, Crechan, Crocker, Crotty, Crowson, Cuff, Cullane - Brand, Burns, Doran, Rix

Resting Places:  Ashburton, Augusta Pioneer Cemetery, Balladonia Station, Bangemall, Broom Pioneer Cemetery, Cobra Station, Cygnet Bay, Flora Valley Station, Garden Well Wilsons Patch, Goongarrie Cemetery, Louisa Downs Station, Lynton, Mardella, Mertondale Cemetery, Morawa, Mount Newman Cemetery, Muccan Station, Newdegate, Night Well Ongerup, Springhill Private Cemetery

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COOPER John AstleyCOOPER John AstleyCOOPER John AstleyCOPPIN Edith Alice & Charlotte MatildaCOPPIN, Edith Alice, Christopher & Charlotte MatildaCOPPIN, Edith Alice & Charlotte Matildac 68 COPPIN Edith Alice Charlotte Matilda buried Muccan Station East Pilbara Photo Ruth John Luyer 2003 150x150CORNELLY, FarrellCORNELLY Farrell, DORAN, Moreton (largest headstone) & BRAND babyCORNISH, Arthur BCOSSAR Kevin GraemeCOSSAR Kevin GraemeCOTTER MauriceCOTTLE, Elizabeth MayCOVEY, FrancisCOWIE Andrew LeeCOWIE Andrew LeeCOX, Daisy & NellieCOX Family Burial Ground COX WilliamCOXON James COXON JamesCOYNE babyCRAIG RobertCRAIG RobertCRAWFORD, JohnCREAM Mary JaneCREAM Mary JaneCREAM Mary JaneCRECHAN ThomasCRECHAN ThomasCROCKER AmyCROCKER AmyCROTTY James HenryCROWSON June VioletCUFF Kevin Harcombe & RIX SidneyCULLANE FatherCULLANE Father