H's 81-118

HOGG, Peter
HOGG, Peter

Images are arranged alphabetically by surname and then given names.

Lost souls: Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hodgkinson, Hoffman, Hogan, Hogg, Holmes, Holt, Holthouse, Hooley, Hope, Hopkins, Horsefield, Hosking, Hourie, Howarth, Howells, Howie, Huggins, Hughes, Hunter, Hurfit, Hutton - King, Payne, Smith

Rest Places:  Arundel Bore Beefwood Park Station, Balla Balla, Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Dampier, Davyhurst Cemetery, Hardy Junction Station Ashburton, Klincaven Station, Mandurah, Maya Rock, Muccan Station, Murchison House, Nanutarra Station Homestead, Onslow Pioneer Cemetery, Wickepin Pioneer Cemetery, Wilsons Patch,  Wurarga Dam, Yeriminup

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HICKS FrederickHICKS FrederickHIGGINS Clement CharlesHIGGINS, ThomasHILL GeoffreyHILL, Joseph ThomasHILL Thomas JamesHILL Thomas James HODGKINSON, Albert JHOFFMAN, Alfred ThomasHOGAN Daniel, PAYNE William, SMITH Frederick, KING EdwardHOGG PeterHOGG PeterHOLMES Archie HOLT EdwardHOLTHOUSE Charles Edward Scafton HOOLEY, Annie EmmaHOPE John James HOPE John JamesHOPKINS Emma HORSEFIELD Nathaniel HOSKING, TomHOURIE, CharlesHOWARTH KenHOWELLS, SamuelHOWIE James HOWIE JamesHUGGINS, Kathleen EHUGHES, Annie CecilyHUNTER familyHUNTER,CharlesHUNTER, ElizabethHURFIT, JHUTTON familyHUTTON HUTTON family HUTTON family graveyard HUTTON family graveyard