Station Cemeteries 120-154

Uaroo Station
Uaroo Station

Throughout the development of Western Australia, outback cattle stations have provided a burial site for the pioneer owners and workers on the stations.

Some of these station cemeteries have seen better times.

Lost Souls: Ashton, Banhan, Bird, Boddington, Cameron, Clark, Cusack, Davies, De Pledge, Dudley, Durack, Feely, Fraser, Harding, Heron, Larking, Lefroy, Lucy, Maguire, McKenzie, North, Parsley, Perry, Rutter, Salkeld, Smithers, Smathwist, Stewart, Tracey, Underwood, Wallgreen, Watson, Williams, Woolhouse

Rest Places: Pago Pago Station Kimberley, Pardoo Station, Rockhole Station, Roy Hill Station, Ruby Plains Station, Rutters Soak, Siberia Station, Springvale Station, Strelley Station, Sturt Creek Station, Tamala Station, Tambray Station, Turee Creek Station, Turner River Station, Twin Peaks Station, Uaroo Station, Wanarra Station, Williambury Station, Wogoola Station (now Nyang), Woodara Cemetery on Melrose Station, Wooleen Station, Wyloo Station, Yakabindi Station, Yanrey Station, Yanyeareddy Station, Yarragadee Station Mingenew, Yarraloola Station Ashburton, Yinnetharra Station, Youanmi Station, Youin Station

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Pago Pago KimberleyPardoo StationRockhole StationRoy Hill StationRuby Plains StationRuby Plains StationSiberia CemeterySpringvale Station KimberleyStrelley Station Cemetery south of Port HedlandStrelley Station Cemetery south of Port HedlandSturt Creek Station Tamala StationTamala StationTambray Station AshburtonTuree Creek Station Meekatharra districtTurner River StationTwin Peaks StationUaroo Station CemeteryWanarra Station PerenjorieWilliambury StationWogoola Station now Nyang AshburtonWoodara Cemetery on Melrose Station LeinsterWooleen Station Wyloo Station AsburtonYakabindi YakabindiYanrey Station AshburtonYanyeareddy Station GascoyneYanyeareddy StationYarragadee Station MingenewYarraloola Station AshburtonYinnetharra StationYOUANMI Yuin Station Cemetery