Lonely Burial Sites 41-80

Edeline Island
Edeline Island

The development of the coastal regions and outback of Western Australia has seen people buried in many out of the way places. Some of those shown here are in unmarked graves and the people are also unknown.

Some of these lonely burial sites have had their stories told, others not, but each of the sites deserve recognition, as do the people interred there.

Lost Souls: Beacham, Bentley, Brass, Bussell, Carmody, Cook, Cox, Coxon, D'Antoine, Douglas, Evans, Francis, Freedman, Garland, Gray, Hasselt, Hunter, Keevil, Lindros, Livingstone, Miell, Molloy, Murray, Musk, McCormack, Nooy, Plant, Price, Reddy, Scanlon, Schell, Sloan, Smith, Sullivan, Ure, Whitehead, Windich

Rest Places: Eaglehawk Island Dampier, Eastern Creek, Edeline Island Strickland Bay, Ellensbrook Margaret River, Ely Park Goomalling, Errolls Sandstone, Esperance, Eucalyptus, Exmouth, Fitzgerald River National Park, Fitzroy River, Frankland River, Gibbings Island Kimberley, Goomalling, Granit Creek, Granny Soak, Grants Patch, Greenmount Hill, Gum Creek, Hamelin Pool Shark Bay, Hunter Creek Dampier, Israelite Bay, Katanning, Lagrange, Lake Darlot, Lake Dundas, Lake Poorrarecup, Leonora, Leonora-Nullagine Stock Route, Limestone Well Wiluna, Louisa Downs, Lowlands Mardella, Lynton

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Eaglehawk Island Dampier ArchipelagoEastern Creek Edeline Island burial site Strickland Bay Edeline Island burial site Strickland Bay Edeline Island burial site Strickland BayEllensbrook, Margaret RiverEly Park Goomalling Errolls near Sandstone Errols Sandstone Esperance Esperance Middle Island burial site Eucalyptus Exmouth Fitzgerald River National Park Fitzroy RiverFitzroy RiverFrankland River Gibbings Island GoomallingGranite Creek at Duracks Folly Granny Soak on old Tanami TrackGrants Patch Greenmount HillGum Creek Rabbit Proof Fence Hamelin PoolHamelin Pool Shark BayHunter Creek Dampier PeninsulaIsraelite Bay GravesIsraelite BayKatanning Lagrange south of BroomeLake DarlotLake DundasLakePoorrarecupLeonora eonora Nullagine Stock RouteLimestone Well Wiluna Louisa Downs Lowlands Mardella Lynton Convict Settlement