Station Cemeteries 1-40

sc 23 Billabalong Station Mt Grass Grave SCOTT Robert Charles Photo Maureen Peter Hill Date unknown 250x168
Billabong Station

Throughout the development of Western Australia, outback cattle stations have provided a burial site for the pioneer owners and workers on the stations.

Some of these station cemeteries have seen better times.

Lost Souls: Anderson, Bolton, Bresnahan, Brooks, Carmody, Comtesse, Cream, Downard, Durack, Eguyp, Fitzpatrick, Gallop, Glanfield, Gnowee, Hackett, Hill, Leeder, Lelbach, Lewis, Macale, Mahomet, Martin, Morck, O'Brien, Ponton, Rutter, Sa.keld, Savory, Scott, Seddick, Snell, Spider, Stidworthy, Toomath, Vines, Wells, Wethrall, Wilson, Wittladong

Rest Places: Afghan Rocks on Balladonia Station, Arundel Bore Beefwood Park Station, Anna Plains Station, Ashburton Downs Station, Balbinya Station, Balla Balla Station, Balladonia Station, Balline Station, Bamboo Springs Station, Ben Dhue Station, Beringarra Station, Bil.abalong Station, Bimbijy Station, Bonney Downs Station, Bow River Station, Braeside Station, Brooking Springs Station, Burrumbar Station, Cobra Station, Cogla Dons Station, Condeena, Coodrdy Station, Coongan, Coruna Downs Station, Coodardy Station, Cosmo Newberry Station, Culli Culli Station, Curarre store Wyloo Station Ashburton, Dairy Creek Station, Dalbercutting Spring Station, De Grey Station, Doolgunna Station, Dunham River Station

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Afghan Rocks on Balladonia StationAnna Plains StationArundel Bore Beefwood Park StationAshburton Downs StationBalbinya Station via BalladoniaBalla Balla StationBalladonia StationBalline Station LanganookaBamboo Springs StationBen Dhue Station East PilbaraBeringarra StationBillabalong Station Mt GrassBimbijy Station Mt Marshall Bimbijy Station Mt MarshallBonney Downs Station East PilbaraBow River Station Braeside Station East PilbaraBrooking Springs StationBurrumbar StationCobra Banemall InnCobra Station GascoyneCobra Station GascoyneCogla Downs StationCondeena BROOMEHILLCoodardy Station Wheelara WellCoodardy StationCoonganCorunna Downs StationCosmo Newberry StationCullculli Station Curarre store Wyloo Station AsburtonDairy Creek Station GascoyneDairy Creek Station GascoyneDalbercutting Spring Station KellerberrinDe Grey StationDoolgunna StationDunham River StationDunham River StationDUNHAM RIVER STATIONDUNHAM RIVER STATION