O's: 1-39

O'Brien, Thomas Charles

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Lost souls: Oakley, Oates, O'Brian, O'Brien, O'Callaghan, O'Connor, O'Donnell, O'Donohue, O'Driscoll, Ogilvie, O'Grady, O'Kane, Oldfield, Oldham, Oliver, O'Mara, O'Neil, O'Neill, Orn, Osborne, O'Sullivan, Osune, O'Toole, Ovean - Bell, Box, Cain, Hedley, Ireland, McKeever, Molloy, Petersen, Powles, Spring, Sutherland

Rest Places: Anna Plains Station, Billiluna Station Halls Creek, Bramley Strawberry, Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Condon Cemetery,  Davyhurst Cemetery, Glendalough, Glenorn Station Red Knob outstation, Golden Grove Yalgoo, Meetheena Staton East Pilbara, Mt Keith Cemetery, Mt Newman Cemetery, Mt Phillip Station Gascoyne, Mt Vernon Station, Murchison House Station, Onslow Pioneer Cemetery, Rockhole south of Halls Creek, Wickepin, Woodman Point Quarantine Station, Ullaring Rocks townsite

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OAKLEY William E OAKLEY William EOOATES, James LionelO'BRIAN, RichardOBRIEN Daniel JosephOBRIEN Daniel JosephOBRIEN Thomas CharlesO'CALLAGHAN, Mary ElizabethO'Connor BridgetO'DONNELL, Michael JosephODONNELL Thomas M & SUTHERLAND James ODONNELL Thomas MODONOHUE CecilyODONOHUE CecilyODRISCOLL HumphreyODRISCOLL HumphreyOGILVIE Andrew JamesOGILVIE Andrew JamesO'GRADY, CatherineO'GRADY, JaneO'GRADY, JohnOKANE RosaOKANE RosaOLDFIELD AnnieOLDFIELD AnnieOLDHAM Baby CliveOLDHAM Baby CliveOLIVER JaneOLIVER William HenryO'MARA, Mary EllenO'NEIL, RobertONEILL SarahORN NeilORN NeilOSBORNE, Frank OliverOSULLIVAN TimothyOSUNE, DO'TOOLE, ThomasOVEAN, Provecio