Station Cemeteries 80-119

Muccan Station
Muccan Station

Throughout the development of Western Australia, outback cattle stations have provided a burial site for the pioneer owners and workers on the stations.

Some of these station cemeteries have seen better times.

Lost Souls: Broad, Carnaby, Colbert, Collins, Cook, Coppin, Dale, Davis, Farmer, Fawcett, Fisher, Forrest, Gilba, Hamersley, Hardy, Harris, Holthouse, Hope, Horsefield, Jasper, Johnson, Kennedy, Kifen-Petersen, Lacey, Learmonth, Lee, Lindley, Madden, Martin, May, Mike, McCauley, McGill, McTavish, Ningham, Oakley, O'Brien, Ogilvie, O'Sullivan, Pite, Potts, Richardson, Seabrook, Shadforth, Stewart, Waldeck, Wilson

Rest Places: Millie Soak Nallan Station, Milly Milly Station, Mindaroo Station, Mt Dockrell Looma Station, Mt Elizabeth Station, Mt Farmer Station, Mt Florence Station, Mt House Station, Mt Jackson Station, Mt Murchison Station, Mt Phillip Station, Mt Sandiman Station, Mt Vernon Station, Muccan Station, Mulyie Station, Mundrabilla Station, Munarra Station, Murchisoun House Station, Nanutarra Station, Nicholson Station, Ningham Station, Noondoona Station, Nyang Station Ashburton, Old Billiluna Station, Ord River Station, Oscar Range Station

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Millie SoakMillie Soak Nallan StationMilly Milly StationMindaroo StationMindaroo StationMt Dockrell Looma Stn south of Halls CreekMT ELIZABETH STATION CEMETERYMT ELIZABETH STATIONLACY GRAVESMt Farmer near Mt Magnet Mt Fisher StationMt Florence StationMt House StationMt House StationMt Jackson Station CemeteryMt Jackson Station YilgarnMt Murchison StationMt Phillip Station GascoyneMt Phillip Stn Gascoyne Mt Sandiman Station now Minnie Creek Stn GascoyneMt Vernon StationMt Vernon StationMuccan Station Muccan StationMulyie StationMunarra StationMunarra StationMundrabilla StationMundrabilla StationMundrabilla stationNicholson StationNingham StationNoondoona StationNyang Station AshburtonOld Billiluna Station Halls CreekOrd River StationORD RIVER STATION CEMETERYORD RIVER STATION CEMETERYOrd River Station Oscar Range Station