R's 41-57

RUTTER, William

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Lost Souls: Rowbothan, Rowe, Rule, Russell, Rutherford, Rutter, Ryan


Rest Places: Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Cue unregistered Cemetery, Davyhurst Cemetery, Mt Newman Cemetery, Rutter Soak Cosmo Newberry Station, Wickepin Pioneer Cemetery


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ROWBOTHAN CharlesROWBOTHAN CharlesRoweROWE, Amy JessieROWE, HenryROWE, RobertRULE, Headley VicarRULE, JosephRULE, Margaret ERULE, Mary JaneRUSSELL Michelle PatriciaRUSSELL Michelle PatriciaRUTHERFORD, RalfRUTTER WilliamRUTTER WilliamRUTTER WilliamRYAN, James Michael