Small Cemeteries 41-80

Gullewa Cemetery

The development of Western Australia has seen many small cemeteries created as people explored and settled in this state.

 Some graves have headstones and others are unmarked and in some cases there is only a list of people who have been buried there but care has been taken to remember the people who have come before us.

Lost Souls: Bailey, Berand, Billy, Brosnan, Brown, Covey, Cushion, Davis, Duke, Durlacher, Duthie, Essex, Foster, Halligan, Harrison, Hayes, Hogan, Jones, Killili,  King, Kirkaldy, Martin, Payne, Quigley, Robinson, Schwan, Smith, Suerdieck, White, Woods

Rest Places: Derby Bungarun Leprosarium Cemetery, Diorite King Cemetery Kurrajong, Duketon Cemetery, Erlistoun Cemetery, Eticup Cemetery Broomehill, Eucla Cemetery, Fields Find Cemetery, Fitzroy Cemetery, Fremantle Skinner Street Cemetery, Freshwater Camp Cemetery Denham, Gabbin Cemetery, Gascoyne Junction Cemetery, Geraldine Cemetery, Geraldton Cemetery, Glentromie Cemetery, Goongarrie Cemetery, Grass Patch Cemetery, Gullewa Cemetery, Gwalla Cemetery Northampton, Halls Creek Cemetery, Harrismith Cemetery

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Derby Bungarun Leprosarium CemeteryDiorite King Cemetery KurrajongDiorite King Cemetery KurrajongDiorite King Cemetery KurrajongDuketon CemeteryErlistoun CemeteryEticup CemeteryEucla CemeteryEucla CemeteryEucla CemeteryFields Find CemeteryFitzroy CemeteryFitzroy CemeteryFitzroy CemeteryFitzroy CemeteryFremantle Skinner StreetFremantle Skinner Street plaqueFremantle Skinner Street plaquesDenham Freshwater Camp CemeteryGabbin CemeteryGascoyne Junction cemeteryGascoyne Junction CemeteryGeraldine CemeteryGeraldton eastern road cemeteryGlentromie CemeteryGlentromie CemeteryGlentromie CemeteryGoongarrie CemeteryGrass Patch CemeteryGrass Patch CemeteryGullewa CemeteryGullewa Cemetery Gullewa CemeteryGullewa CemeteryGullewa CemeteryGwalla Cemetery NorthamptonGwalla Cemetery NorthamptonHalls Creek (old) CemeteryHalls Creek Pioneer CemeteryHarrismith Cemetery