P's: 41-57

POWLES, Tracy Peter

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Lost souls: Ponton, Porter, Potts, Powell, Powles, Pratt, Prendergast, Price, Pueder, Punton - Bell,  Bone, Box, Brady, Buckley, Cain, Capel, Hedley, Ireland, McGuiness, McKeever, Molloy, Osune, Petersen, Powles, Spring

Rest Places: Ajuna, Balladonia Station, Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Condon Cemetery East Pilbara, Hill Springs Mt Arid, Lagrange, Lawlers, Mt House Station, Murrin Murrin, St Johns Churchyard Bootenal

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PONTON StephenPONTON WilliamPORTER Gladys MaudePOTTS FrederickPOWELL, GeorgePOWELL, LucyPOWELL, Lucy GreerPOWLES Tracy PeterPOWLES Tracy PeterPRATT, ThomasPRENDEGAST, John J MPRENDERGAST ThomasPRENDERGAST ThomasPRICE Charles DanversPRICE Charles DanversPUEDER, AnniePUNTON Frances