C's 41-81

Chapman Sophie & McDonald Ale

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Lost Souls: Chapman, Charlie, Chearnley, Cheesewell, Chidlow, Chinaman, Chippindall, Chopin, Christensen, Christie, Church, Cigilua, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clayton, Clements, Clinch, Clough, Cloughley, Coates  –  Bussell, Ewart, Jasper, Livingstone, McDonald, Molloy

Rest Places: Bokal, Broad Arrow Kurawah Cemetery, Broome Pioneer Cemetery, Canning Stock Route, Darkin, Davyhurst Cemetery, Ellensbrook Margaret River, Hawthornden Toodyay, Hillman Downs West Arthur, Moora, Mosquito Creek, Mt Newman Cemetery, Mulwarrie, Northam, Red Flag Hawks Nest Laverton, Rothsay Cemetery, Wogoola Station (Nyang), Woodman Point


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CHAPMAN Sophie & McDONALD AleCHAPMAN Sophie CharlieCHEARNLEY Walter CecilCHEARNLEY Walter CecilCHEARNLEY Walter CecilCHEESEWELL or CHISWELL WilliamCHEESEWELL or CHISWELL WilliamCHIDLOW Peter CHINAMAN Aboriginal StockmanCHIPPINDALL Edward Cockayne CHOPIN Alfred CHOPIN Alfred ChristensenCHRISTIE, Rose EllenCHURCH JohnCIGILAU RosaceCIGILAU RosaceCLARKCLARK, Annie LouisaCLARK, Clarice DeliciaCLARK, HenryCLARK Lillian RoseCLARK Lillian RoseCLARK, R.U.CLARK Raymond McKenzieCLARK Raymond McKenzieCLARKE, James (Tassy)CLARKSON Edward Ellis & Michaelc 26b CLAYTON sistersCLEMENTS Shayne MareeCLEMENTS Shayne MareeCLINCH AlanCLINCH AlanCLINCH CharlesCLINCH Fanny CLINCH Thomas JamesCLOUGH, Edward HCLOUGHLEY, IsabellaCOATES three childrenCOATES three children